The 2016 Mint 400 went off in Las Vegas over the weekend of March 11th-13th in Las Vegas Nevada. We were on hand to see for ourselves why they call this event the Great American Offroad Race.  Dozens of teams ranging from amateur to pro took the line to prove why most call this one of the hardest events in the country to not only compete in, but also to simply finish.  We are proud to have multiple sponsored riders in a variety of classes this year.  Team Adrian Orellana and Team Jeremiah Staggs (featured below) were up bright an early to conquer the desert, sporting an arsenal of MSA Wheels and EFX Tires product.  The all new R-Forged F1 beadlock was both racer’s preferred wheel along with our 31/10-14 MotoHammer tires designed for hard pack desert terrain.  We appreciate the opportunity to compete in one of the toughest battles utilizing top notch drivers and expert co-drivers.  See you all in 2017!

Both race teams featured below during qualifying – follow them on IG
@jerryfast @adrianorellana1985

The 2016 Mint 400 reared its head this year, claiming multiple vehicles as DNF including Team Jeremiah Staggs who blew a strut tower, rending his machine scrap metal.  If there is one thing we know about Jeremiah and his incredible team, he has plenty to prove and will be back out on the track in 2017 to try his luck at the podium.