by MSA Offroad Wheels sponsored racer, Adrian orellana

We got the finish! Had some great battles and had a blast during the race. Lap 1 we noticed fuel mileage going down and had a broken exhaust to blame so lost a few spots. Fixed it lost 8 mins and took off again. We had some fun with 1982 teammate going back and fourth the last lap. Unfortunately we passed him and we never saw him again being that he broke down. Running top 10 last lap and mile 63 out of 80 of the last lap we got bit. Sheared rear drive spline on the CV and took hub,brake,bearing carrier and bolts with it. Luckily we planned right crew got parts to us fast and we had some spares on the car. Got going after 1hr of down time. Don’t know where we finished yet but unfortunately not the top spots. We did prove that our @msawheels and @efxtires can take a beating! No flats and all we saw on the cousre where tires and axels. FINALLY GOT to use our @visionxusa lights with our @odysseybattery we where making up time the last lap with these things! #daylightlights our @albaracing motor had plenty to give the turbos I want to thank @ruggedradios for all the help and support with out these guys I wouldn’t be at the finish!

Thank you to all my crew, friends, family and Sponsors that support and help us!