CoCo 2015 Project Builds

We are incredibly proud to work with some of the industries best brands on our 2015 project build vehicles.  This year we are building up two Moab ready machines featuring not only our latest and greatest CoCo products, but some of our industry friends pitched in some hot new upgrades.  We couldn’t have done it without our friends at S3 PowerSports, Triple S Polaris, Pro Armor, PRP Seats, Vent Racing, HCR Racing and MB Quart – Click any of the links featured to learn more.  The builds are a work in progress so make sure to swing by on occasion to see how they look as we add more parts, cut off other parts and transform them into the ultimate rock climbing machines.

Both machines featured are our company vehicles that do all of the grueling testing to ensure our wheels and tires are of the highest level of quality, performance, weight and durability.  If you love your MSA Wheels, these are the machines that get to test them first.

Vehicle Specs