The MotoForce All-Terrain ATV tire by EFX Performance Tires is the single best upgrade for anyone looking to utilize factory fitments on a new or used ATV.  Designed to improve balance, traction and performance on any make/model of ATV, this tire has a tough 6-ply bias ply construction that wraps the carcass, ensuring a quality ride on any terrain.  The MotoForce has a deep 3/4″ lug depth that extends beyond the shoulder into the sidewall for superior sidewall protection from rocks, ruts or hazards.  Because of the non-direction tread pattern, the MotoForce boosts performance in fast paced trail riding and slow torque climbing so that you can make it back to the trail head.


EFX Performance Offroad Tires have been at the forefront of engineering the world’s best performing offroad tires. We take our designs serious, spending countless hours in the field to ensure that each and every approved tread pattern is the best tire we can produce. Each and every tire design we manufacture has been abused in the mountains of Colorado and the backwoods to Texas to ensure that no matter your terrain preference, we have a tire that fits your style. Give us a call to discuss how EFX can improve your machine’s performance, or stop by your local dealer for pricing, availability and options.