Interchangeable Center Cap Stars

Customize your wheels with Custom Cap Stars!

We took custom to a whole new level, allowing you to completely customize your wheels, cap and now center star colors.  Our professionally painted center cap stars will work with any MSA Wheels cap utilizing our exclusive bolt-in technology (MSA-CAP).  Please note this sale is for the stars only,  MSA-CAP not included in purchase.  Each pack of four stars is individually contained and protected with quality plastic and thick backing to ensure it reaches you in perfect condition.

Each four-pack comes with:
– Four professionally painted stars
– Four installation bolts to attach star to MSA-CAP

Installation instructions:

Simply remove your existing or new MSA-CAPs and look on the inside of the cap for a small phillips screw.  Remove this screw and the current star will come loose.  Replace with your new colored stars, tighten original or new screw.  Bolt on your new caps and your wheels just went from “whoa” to “awesome”!

Are we missing a color you would like to see? 
Send us a message via our MSA Facebook page today or call us at (800) 734-4890 and we will do our best to add your suggestion in the next round of color options. We appreciate your loyaly to MSA Offroad Wheels for over 10 years.  We couldn’t do what we love if we didn’t have each and every one of our awesome customers!  THANK YOU.