We hit the road to Utah to take on the biggest UTV rock crawling event post Jeep Safari.  The 2016 Rally on the Rocks is a premiere event for all, no matter your experience in the rocks.  We have been a proud sponsor of the event since the beginning roots and we will continue to be a large part of the event for many years to come.  This show is growing each and every year and the show management does an excellent job at keeping everyone safe and organized.

Each day of the event, you get to choose what trail you want to experience.  Rated from easy to hard, you can push your limits to your comfort level.  You also have the choice of taking off on your own or utilize the free (part of your admission fee) trail guides who are either experienced locals or professional grade crawlers, hired to guide and offer suggestions for what line to pick on your ascend or descend.  What makes the guided tours great is that novices and experts mix together, working side by side to tackle the gnarliest of obstacles.  Most trails have an optional easy line for anyone not feeling so confident, allowing them to sit comfortably while the pros flex their pucker power.

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