Rally on the Rocks 2017

We headed west to the largest collection of UTV white knuckle enthusiasts in the nation, Rally on the Rocks 2017.  The awesome thing about Moab is that it can be your worst nightmare or your best friend, as long as you understand the trails and come prepared.  Each trail is rated from 1-9 to ensure you know exactly what you are getting yourself into before leaving the security of the trail head.   There really is no wrong trail either, each showcasing the beauty of what makes central Utah so popular.  Here is a couple pics from the event and various trails during the daily rides.  We’ve put together a list of all of the popular trails along with the rating for each below the gallery to make things easy for you.

1-Dirt and Gravel Roads
2-Introduction to Loose Rock, a beginning to off-road enjoymeny
3-A way to get your feet wet without getting into trouble.
4-Driving skills reccomended, a great trail to learn your abilities and how capable your machine can be.
5-above average driving skills are desirable. Vehicle approach and departure angles are becoming important.
6-Challenging trail with some tough obstacles, most are bypassable. A good time to learn your rigs upper limit abilities without high risk.
7-Body damage and rollovers are possible with less experienced drivers. Modified machines with skid plates and body protection reccomended.
8-A winch and/or tow strap is desirable. Excellent driving skills required are required. Roll over possibilities exist.
9-Extreme and beyond. Multiple large climbs, descents and off camber situations.
10-Let the carnage begin! Rollovers VERY likely. Good spotting, experienced drivers with modified machines are required as even they will be tested.

Chicken Corners (2 rated)
3-D (3 rated) Must Trailer
Dome Plateau (3 rated) Must Trailer
Kane Creek (3 rated)
Jackson Hole (3 rated)
Top of the World (3 rated) Must Trailer
Picture Frame Arch (3 rated) Must Trailer
Bartlett Overlook (3 rated) Must Trailer
Onion Creek/Thompson Canyon (3 rated) Must Trailer
Spring Canyon/Dallenbaugh Tunnel (3 rated) Must Trailer
Fins -N- Things (4 rated)
Porcupine Rim (4+ rated)
Hey Joe Canyon (4 rated) Must Trailer
Seven Mile Rim (4 rated) Must Trailer
Secret Spire (4 rated) Must Trailer
Rose Garden Hill (5 rated) Must Trailer
Flat Iron Mesa (5 rated) Must Trailer
Hell’s Revenge (5+ rated)
Steel Bender (6 rated)
Golden Spike (6 rated) Must Trailer
Gold Bar Rim (6+ rated) Must Trailer
Poison Spider (7 rated) Must Trailer
Metal Masher (7 rated) Must Trailer
Strike Ravine (6 rated)
Moab Rim (7+ rated)
Cliffhanger (8 rated)
Area BFE (8 rated) Must Trailer
Behind the Rocks (8+ rated)
Pritchet Canyon (9+ rated)

Want to see actual GPS coordinates for each trail? Click link here:

To see a detail description of each trail, check out the ROTR tech page here: