Having the Rocky Mountains AND Moab, UT in our backyard allows our R&D team to hit the trails within a couple of hours of home and be back before dinner.  Just a few hours to the east of our corporate offices in Grand Junction, CO, is a little somewhat gem known as the White Wash Sand Dunes of Utah.  Nestled in between the incredibly red formations that make up Arches National Park and some of the most pristine sand in a 16 hour distance, White Wash Sand Dunes has a little to offer anyone looking to get fast.

We recruited Brian Osborn and Kyle Miller to do some fast twitch driving and hit up one of the best places around for amazing dual terrain riding for our first episode of our Trail Tested video series.  What makes this area even better than most is because if it’s location, which is basically the middle of nowhere.  That means little to no traffic to compete with and virgin dunes just begging to get jumped.

We installed a set of our 15×7 M21 Lok beadlock wheels on a set of our 30x10x15R MotoHammer tires by EFX Performance Tires and beat up the hard pack trails first.  Within the area there are hundreds of miles of trails that loop in and out of some amazing red rock formations.  We were there for business but we took plenty of breaks to appreciate the nature wonder around us and the complete isolation from the rest of the fast paced world.

Our second test was on a set of our M23 Battle wheels (14×7 front and 14×7 rear) on a set of 29″ SandSlinger tires (29x11x14 front 29x14x14 rear) by EFX Performance Tires.  Dune riding is like no other terrain.  We engineered the SandSlinger tire to immediately get hp machine up on plane and create optimal float.  The M23 Battle was specially engineered in a 14×10 option for this tire because it’s open four-spoke and inherently lightweight design.