Wolverine by TTO

Wolverine by Triple Threat Offroad

2016 Polaris General "Wolverine" Built by: Triple Threat Offroad

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Owner: Matt & Amy Rohr
Builder: Triple Threat Offroad (TTO)
Inspiration behind build: TTO was needing a build for the Mud Nationals event this year.  This build started out as the Mid-level Blue Polaris General 1000. We chose to build this General since it was Polaris’ newest release and we are big fans of the Polaris brand. The General offered a lot of clean body lines to work with and offered a very nicely laid out cock pit area.  The suspension was smooth and handled great out of the box.  We knew we had a perfect platform to build off of.  We contacted Pushing Limits to discuss some options to make this build tall and wide but functional and easy to drive.  we love trail riding and mud riding so we wanted a very reliable and durable lift that could with stand the abuse we would throw down on it once completed.  Together we decided on a 10″ lift and topped it off with some turner axles to ensure no issues while out on the trails.  we then contacted 777 fab shop to build us a cage with some specific needs and some cool attention to detail TTO touches to make this build stand out.  we added some extra roof supports and then installed a full metal roof and some light bar tabs to house a 30″ front light bar as well as a 30″ rear light bar to ensure we would see when backing up at night.  once cage and suspension was started we needed to choose some color options.  

Why this specific color scheme: One of my favorite colors is Orange so that was a no-brainer and i have been wanting to get it on one of my personal builds for a long time now. My wife Amy helped me choose the dark gray and WOW the way the orange “popped”!  We love them together!! I contacted our painter over at Torres Empire and dropped off the plastics as well as some other ideas we had and let him run with it.  They nailed it with attention to detail and custom airbrushed logo and TTO edition badges!!  

Now that lift and cage are done we called our boys over at Top Koat (our Powder coater) and they blew us away with the 2 tone collors on the cage, cooler rack and suspension!! It is really all in the attention to detail again! 

Of course we already knew what we were going to do when it came to tires and wheels and Wheel Pros took great care of us on a wicked set of 34″ Moto Boss and 16″ Vibe wheels! This baby has the traction to get us through any hole in front of us. We did need to make sure that the depth of the water in those holes we find would not be an issue so we at TTO custom built a set of snorkels that will allow us to go nearly the full height of the cage deep!!! So we can motor through any depth of water/mud we drive into. Our snorkels are custom to each build and we design them “LAST” so that they really go with the cage and body lines… we like for them to almost disappear when you look at it!  We want you to see the overall machine not the snorkels.

At this the General was looking so clean on the outside that we just had to match the interior of the build and carry it all the way through! First off PRP set us up with seats and made sure we would always be in comfort and safety with the TTO Logo custom embroidered PRP GT Seats and 2″ safety harnesses. PRP has been a partner of ours for several years and they always takes great care of us and our customers and stand behind their products!  

When it was time for the sound system I had a few ideas and wanted to do something different from what we have done in the past.  so i called on the talented guys at Grand Prairie Audio to discuss all my ideas and MAN not only did the finished product look amazing it sounds incredible!!! We custom built door speaker pods to attach to the already great looking factory door panels and then custom built speaker panels on the center console.  We installed a total of 6 – JL 6.5″ speakers in the interior and then added a custom sub box in the bed under our TTO Tonneau cover which houses 3 – 10″ JL Subs that are ported into the cab of the General to power this insane sounding system we added a XS power battery to ensure we had enough to run the 2 – 15″ light bars, 2 – 30″ light bars, full under glow kit (orange) for night riding, all on custom TTO Logo switches and the 1000 wall JL Sub Amp and 600×6 watt JL Amp for the interior door speakers.  We mounted the amps under the roof on the cage and then custom built an amp cover to secure all the wiring and house the JL bluetooth Pod controller.  but we dont stop there…we know you need to see what songs playing or see to find the song you want to play so we custom built a mini IPAD mount to the dash of the General.  

Why did you pick specific parts/products on machine? some of the items TTO is releasing this year for the General is our fiberglass hood scoop, which is available with option 15″ light bar.  Another product we build is the fiberglass tonneau cover for the bed.  for this build we custom built a removable cooler rack to be mounted to the tonneau cover to ensure that we would not get thirsty out on the trails.  we custom painted a YETI cooler to match the build.  these products can be purchased from us at triplethreatoffroad.com or by contacting us at (682) 518-8700 at our shop in Alvarado, TX.  Every year TTO builds a new machine for the Mud Nationals event in March to showcase what is the newest, latest & greatest!  And to show what we are capable of accomplishing with our vendors, partners in the industry and our team!  We strive to build reliable, dependable and functional rides that will keep you out on the trails enjoying family/friend time rather than in the repair shop wishing you were out there on the trails!   

Purpose of build: Texas Mud riding / Colorado-Utah Trail riding (we might even switch out with some paddle tires and hit the dunes, you never know)!! 

Favorite part of build/machine: (MATT) My personal favorite part of this build would be the hood scoop!  this hood changes the entire look of the machine and just makes it “mean looking” from the front!   (AMY) My favorite part of this build is driving it and having people look at it and ask “what is that???” It is so tricked out and with the Tonneau Cover and Cooler rack mounted it changed the whole look of the machine and it gets peoples attention, that and the great sounding Stereo/speaker system that Matt and our audio guys designed!!! 

Any finalized plans for shows/events people can see this build in 2016/2017? After the Debut at Mud Nats we will be attending many events throughout the year at River Run ATV Park in Jacksonville, TX and a event for Nitto Auto enthusiasts in Arlington, TX.  We will also be on some upcoming TV shows still in the works!  All local TX Mud runs, small or big or events. Taylor Park Colorado – Summer 2016,  Memorial Day Ride, River Run ATV Park – 5/26/16 – 5/30/16,   Boots in Tha Mudd, River Run – 6/30/16 – 7/4/16,   Sauced in tha Mudd, River Run – 8/4/16 – 8/7/16,   Labor Day Mudd Bash, River Run – 9/2/16 – 9/5/16,    Muddin’ for a Cure, River Run – 10/6/16 – 10/9/16,    Mudaholic Convention, River Run ATV Park – 11/10/16 – 11/13/16 are just a few…

If someone wants to build a machine like this, where should they start?  If you are looking into building a unit such as this one we recommend you contact someone that knows these machines inside and out.  you pay a little more but the quality and turn around time are worth the added cost.  we have done the research and only use the highest quality products and most experienced vendors that have proven their workmanship is top notch.  definitely don’t be afraid to ask for previous customers to contact!!!  These builds are expensive and we here at Triple Threat Offroad want you to enjoy the building process as we know and understand how hard money is to come by. We listen to what you want and then if we have had experience positive or negative in those areas we will confirm your choices or explain and educate you as to why we would do it differently if that is the case…we build a relationship with you as a customer so that you are not ever afraid to call us even if you are out on the trail on a Sunday afternoon and something breaks or happens!  We are always here for you to keep you out there on the trails riding which is why you invested your money into the machine building and making it yours!!!  

Anything you’ve done since Mud Nats or plans for 2016/2017 All of our builds are always For Sale so we never plan too far out for them as we usually find them a new home within a couple of months, we believe that having our builds out there on the trails where people see them is the best place for them and that gives us the opportunity to keep building them which is our passion!!! 

What do you see as a trend in 2017 people should start doing/changing/investing in now? I see this industry is just getting started!  there is so much we can do with these machines. The manufacturers are putting out great looking units and are only gonna get better as this industry grows!! 

How can people get ahold of you guys to build their dream machine? We would be honored to assist anyone in building there “Dream Machine” whether its improving what you already own or building a brand new one we are your ONE STOP SHOP!