EFX Performance Tires have been an industry standard for enthusiasts spanning the globe in a myriad of environments and terrains.  Each tire is specifically engineered to conquer a specific terrain to ensure you get exactly what you expect from the only thing touching the earth.  Since 2005, EFX Tires have been providing top quality tires for ATVs, UTVs and Golf Carts.



Our promise is to engineer products that amplify the enjoyment of your vehicle with leading quality, improved safety/handling as well as timeless, unique styling. We take our designs serious, spending countless hours in the field to ensure that each and every approved tread pattern is the best tire we can produce. Each and every tire design we manufacture has been abused in the mountains of Colorado, flats of California and the backwoods of Texas to ensure that no matter your terrain preference, we have a tread that fits your style. If you are unsure if any of our tires will fit your vehicle, please feel free to call us for advice: (800) 734-4890




As the manufacturer of EFX Tires, we specifically engineer each tire to fit each and every one of our MSA Wheels, ensuring the highest level of performance and safety.  Tires are not all created equal and you have to be able to trust the only thing touching the ground.  We proudly stand behind each one of our EFX Tire styles as the very best solution to a myriad of terrain options.